Do you have one of those blessings that feels more like a curse? The curly hair that just won’t behave. The amazing long legs that require custom-tailored jeans because nobody makes your size. I’ll tell you mine: I’ll get really emotionally worked up to the point of crying, and the…

ghost girls

The first time I saw The Sixth Sense, I felt very lied to. I probably watched it around 2016–2017 during a stint when I decided I was going to feel out my threshold for cinematic fear, starting with basic slumber party thrillers and then moving up through the classics to…

Kelsey Hoff

The story proper begins with flaming eviction notices descending ominously, beautifully, out of East Village tenement windows as their residents belt out their defiance in the language of rock ‘n roll: “We’re not gonna pay last year’s rent.” I’m sucked in by the familiarity of this scene of…

Kelsey Hoff

Poet, freelance writer and blogging enabler in Chicago. Sharing my experiences with mental illness along with some thoughts on how we can be better.

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